You've Got That Main Character Energy.

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Epic Fantasy Activewear

Train like a badass when you don the armor of a classic fantasy hero.

The Paladin

Ready for battle? This frosted plate armor with golden wing accents was designed with the Paladin in mind — you noble knight, you.

The Rogue

Blackened steel over leather wraps. This one's for the renegades. The rule breakers. The change-makers. You're here to carve your own path. 

The Mage

You've got the magic. Summon up your inner enchantress with brassy scale mail, romantic flourishes, and gem accents of your choice.


Omg I just got mine and the material is amazing. I have incredible sensitive skin and I am so picky on how materials feel, especially if it's workout clothes, and these are perfect. I must get more. So worth it!!!

I bought the rogue set (leggings, bra, and crop top). All 3 pieces are insanely soft and stretchy and the fabric is really great quality. Please make a warlock/sorcerer or bard set so I can give you more money!! - Brittney

Usually I don't comment on purchases I make. But y'all I felt like a total badass when I tried my Rogue tank and leggings on this morning.

Fun outfit made of sturdy fabric. I was able to complete an obstacle course race crawling through mud and barbed wire without any trouble. I only wish that it had pockets. I got so many compliments along the course.

Made for the Warrior in You.

We infuse comfy athletic clothes with high-fantasy design. The result? You walk around feeling like a goddamn hero.

  • Be Your Own Hero

    Dress how you want to feel. Let's put you in the headspace for a warrior workout.

  • High-Fantasy Design

    We use the fantasy aesthetic to tap into mythic associations...and remind you what you're made of. 

  • Here to Serve

    We strive to be legendary for our guild. Check out our IG for uplifting content.

  • Mirror, Mirror in the Gym

    We take pride in our designs because we like to make you look good! (It makes us look good, too.)

Three Kinds of Breastplates

Each armor style comes with three coverage options: Sports Bra, Crop Top, or Fitted Tank.